C2 SmartPlay

C2 SmartLight Painonappi

Lights on with a push of a button

Sports grounds are the most important urban property for many city dwellers. We want to make them better, smarter and safer. With optimized lighting, each performance gets its worthy conditions.

With our help, the lighting of sports venues becomes intelligent easily, quickly and inexpensively. Our solution works to control both LED luminaires and traditional luminaires, and there is no need to change the controllers when lighting is modernized.

C2 SmartPlay control-packages

incl. controls, push button and info sign

1 pole control

C2 SP16143

C2 SP16144

2 pole control

C2 SP16127

C2 SP16128

4 pole control

C2 SP16112

C2 SP1611

6 pole control

C2 SP16113

C2 SP16115

8 pole control

C2 SP16134

C2 SP16145

Default parameters for wireless push button control: 10% basic lighting -> button press 100% 1h -> 50% dimming 10 min -> 10% basic lighting.  

C2 SmartPlay lighting-packages

Intelligent plug & play lighting solution for sports fields and area lighting. Pre-designed lighting for approx. 100 lux and wireless pushbutton control incl. controls, push button and info sign.

SteraLux Area Lite-L

For ice rink
30x60m, 4 poles

SteraLux Area Lite-L 300W
8 pc

C2 SP16147

SteraLux Area Evo-S

For football field
50x70m, 6 poles

SteraLux Area Evo-S 510W
12 pc

C2 SP16148

SteraLux Area Evo-M

Full size football field
65x105m, 6 poles

SteraLux Area Evo-M 1000W
12 pc

C2 SP16149

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