Helsinki – Mansikkapaikka

In honor of Finland's 100th anniversary, Senaatti properties organized a lighting design competition, the aim of which was to find new, permanent lighting solutions for the selected properties for their facades and the surrounding area.

The Pasila office center was one of the competition destinations and Heli Nikunen designed worth of honorable mention in the Valossa competition ”Mansikkapaikka”  a work of light art to delight passers-by in the courtyard of the Pasila office center. Skylights lit with red light, or ‘strawberries’, glow in the middle of mountain pines lit in the courtyard. In addition to strawberries, the arched roof canopies of the courtyard are also brought into the work with light. “The concrete brutalist office center is now turning into a positive experience and bringing a social dimension, especially at night. Pasila has street art and life, the spirit of which I wanted to bring to the work, ”Nikunen says Senaatin kohde-esittelyssä.

C2 SmartLumo as a guarantor of the designer's vision

At the design stage, it is not always possible to take into account all the external light that affects the outcome. At the site, the level of lighting was adjusted with the designer in the evening on site wirelessly and per luminaire. If the yard lighting were to return to full brightness, it would erode the power of color lighting. As the C2 SmartLumo luminaire-specific controller dim the area lighting, the color lighting in the yard is strong and visible.


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