Interested in becoming a reseller for C2 SmartLight unique energy saving technology?

We are looking for new partners in the international market. Would you be interested in becoming a reseller of our smart lighting control solutions?

Our lighting control solutions provide many important benefits to your customers

Easy to install

Plug & play product packages are wireless and quick to set-up.

Energy savings

Your customer saves energy and reduces carbon emissions making them eligible for financial support from the government.

Become a solution provider

Add smart control solutions as part of your portfolio and take your customer relationship to the next level.

One example of a smart solution from us

C2 SmartPlay - Lights on with a push of a button

Installed in more than 400 fields in Finland.

City of Kuopio

Kuopio has already introduced C2 SmartPlay in more than 35 locations. Lighting for fields and outdoor areas is now available with a push button as needed. In addition, with remote control, the lighting can be adjusted according to the time.

“Lighting using sensor technology supports our goals by reducing unnecessary light and saving energy when there are no movers in sports venues. Sensor technology also makes it possible to monitor the number of visitors, which means that the renovation of sports venues can also be controlled and scheduled according to the number of visitors.”

Mika Venäläinen
Sports venue supervisor
City of Kuopio

We would be happy to discuss collaboration opportunities and details with you.

Please let us know what time and date works best for you so we can set up a meeting.

We hope that we can manage communications in English, if possible.

Petri Laitinen
Senior Vice President
+358 44 045 4765

C2 SmartLight is a Finnish technology company. Our mission is to make every environment smarter with our unique technology based on electricity control. Our special expertise are lighting control solutions, which are already used by the majority of Finnish municipalities and cities.

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