Kuopio C2

Low-cost Led street lighting is planned for the city of Kuopio

The plan for Kuopio is made by electrical and lighting designer Antti Maukonen from C2 SmartLight.

Kuopio replaces the yellow high pressure sodium street lights in the city center with energy-saving led street lights. In lighting design, the goal set by the customer is to minimize both energy and maintenance costs.

Street lighting renewal is done by Elvera Oy and lighting renoewal is planned by C2 SmartLight Oy. The City of Kuopio will acquire C2 SmartLumo control units for almost 2,000 outdoor luminaires in the city center, which will be used to optimize street lighting after installation. The lighting is adjusted to just the right level of illumination when the luminaires are in place, taking into account the need for additional lighting, for example at guardrails and at intersections. 

The specific goal of the city was to minimize future maintenance costs. Future maintenance costs can be kept low by designing only two luminaire variation with one optic for the entire downtown area. This is possible thanks to the remote-controlled intelligent control units on the luminaires, which allow the lighting to be adjusted to suit each street after the luminaires have been installed. The small number of luminaire variations will both speed up luminaire maintenance and reduce city maintenance costs. 

C2 SmartLight won the tender for the lighting design project by offering a unit price per luminaire for the required lighting design. The work includes the led lighting renovation design of street, park and special lighting, the C2 SmartLux lighting measurement after installation, and the lighting level adjustments based on the measurement. The unit price per luminaire for design work is a clear pricing model for both the customer and the supplier and prevents unforeseen costs for the customer.

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