Smart outdoor lighting in the City of Kuopio

Kuopio is the first city in Finland to install a larger number of luminaire-specific controllers by making a 2018 procurement decision for 5,000 controllers. C2 SmartLight Oy will supply luminaire-specific controls as part of the new outdoor lighting control system.
At its meeting on 21 March 2018, the Kuopio City Structure Board unanimously approved the proposal of Ismo Heikkinen, City Engineer, and selected C2 SmartLight Oy as the supplier for the procurement of the outdoor lighting control system.

The cost of outdoor lighting was more than one million euros a year

The city of Kuopio has about 350 street lighting centers and about 22,000 outdoor luminaires. The energy cost of outdoor lighting for streets and public areas was about 800,000 euros per year. Lighting-related maintenance costs amounted to approximately EUR 230,000 annually.

Objective: Smart data network for outdoor lighting and savings in energy and maintenance costs

Kuopio's long-term goal is to connect each luminaire to an intelligent data network that is controlled from the terminals by a city employee or maintenance contractor. The luminaires can be programmed and adjusted, and the luminaire provides a wide range of information, e.g. for maintenance cycle planning. Sensors such as motion detectors or pushbuttons can also be connected to the control, so that the lights are switched on only for use and energy costs are saved. The City of Kuopio publicly tendered various control solution suppliers as a regional procurement together with Siilinjärvi. C2 SmartLight Oy received full marks in both price and quality comparison.

Savings and payback period

Kuopio has calculated that the acquisition of central units for all lighting centers and the maintenance of the system will cost the city approximately 470,000 euros over 10 years. If the system achieves 10% annual energy savings, then the system will pay for itself in six years.

Purchasing luminaire-specific equipment for all 22,000 luminaires would cost the city about 2.2 million euros. If, for example, a luminaire-specific control system brings additional savings of 20% in energy costs and 30% in maintenance costs through dimming, then the system pays for itself in ten years.

Statement of C2 SmartLight Oy

Kuopio will receive savings in energy and maintenance costs, as well as high-quality and pleasantly adjustable lighting that works reliably, appropriately and on time. “Kuopio has decided to procure a control solution from a domestic equipment supplier. The equipment of the control system is made in Kelloniemi, Kuopio. ” says Petri Laitinen, Vice President, C2 SmartLight Oy.

“Kuopio is the first city in Finland to install a larger number of luminaire-specific controllers and has now made a purchase decision for 5,000 controllers. We see that it is precisely luminaire-specific control that is the most important element that adds value and saves to smart outdoor lighting. A concrete example of this: when a luminaire-specific controller saves a single maintenance or reprogramming visit with a luminaire over a 10-year contract period, the controller has covered its purchase price. ”

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