Port of Karlskrona

Ports are areas where the need for lighting may vary from day to day. In many cases, dimmed basic lighting is sufficient, but sometimes light is needed quickly and a lot. The Port of Karlskrona in Sweden chose the C2 SmartLight control solution for its lighting remote control and can control more than just lights in the future.

The port of Karlskrona is an important maritime hub and a military base for the Swedish Navy. After all, the port is located in an optimal location on the southern coast of Sweden, at short distances to other regional hubs.

The renovation of the port lighting in Karlskrona was started in 2018 and has been implemented in two phases. The refurbishment of the lighting was completed in October 2019, when C2 SmartLight held training on the operation of the lighting control solution for port personnel.

With the C2 SmartLight control solution, both port personnel and lighting maintenance contractors are able to monitor the condition of the lighting and control the lighting through a centralized management system. Pushbuttons have also been installed in the port area, through which staff can turn on the lights locally at the berth areas of their choice.

Ragnar Haglund, stevedore in charge of harbor lighting, is particularly pleased with the feature of the C2 SmartLight control solution, which allows harbor personnel to control the lighting of the desired area to full power or even dim the lighting to half power with a single mouse click. 

“We have calculated that the investment in new luminaires and control systems will pay for itself in 4,5 years in energy savings. In the future, we will investigate the possibilities of using the lighting control system for other control and monitoring measures in the port area, such as boom control or various alarm and control solutions, ”says Ragnar Haglund.

The control devices (C2 SmartLight Street and C2 LuconC) are at the base of the mast in the control cabinet. The luminaire ballasts (Drivers) and C2 SmartLumo controllers have also been brought to the base of the mast for easy maintenance. The C2 SmartLight push button controls the lights locally to full power as needed. Photo: Stefan Svensson

BEFORE: Old lights. Photo: Stefan Svensson

AFTER: Easy LED BUBO lights. Photo: Stefan Svensson

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