C2IS situation awareness solution

The C2IS situation awareness solution is a tool for managing with information. With it, the user can concretely visualize his own environment and react based on the information on it.

The C2 SmartCity control solution collects information about the street lighting infrastructure, its operation and control, as well as failure cases. The C2IS situation awareness solution combines this street lighting information with information coming from different sources. These sources can be, for example, a documentation system and a customer feedback system. This entity provides a snapshot of the outdoor lighting environment by bringing together information from different sources.

Reducing waste

Accurate monitoring of warranty periods ensures that you take advantage of all warranty benefits and avoid unnecessary costs. This helps to minimize the waste of resources and optimize the use of your budget.

Reduction of repair debt and completion of documentation

When you know exactly which lamps you own and where they are, you can plan maintenance and repairs more efficiently. The situational picture also illustrates the deficiencies in the documentation, and these deficiencies can be systematically supplemented. When you know what you own, it is possible to manage the repair debt and keep the infrastructure operational.

Moving to proactive maintenance

Moving from unforeseeable fault repairs to proactive maintenance reduces the number of unexpected faults and ensures that outdoor lighting works reliably. This not only improves the quality of urban lighting, but also saves costs and resources in the long run.


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