C2 SmartCity control solution

C2 SmartCity

The C2 SmartCity control solution opens the doors to intelligent city management, offering versatile features that enhance the monitoring and management of outdoor lighting in cities.

The system offers the user a customizable front page, which consists of widgets, enabling a user-specific view of important information, such as field device status information and energy consumption. In addition, the mobile user interface allows you to conveniently manage and monitor field devices anywhere, bringing outdoor lighting control right into your pocket.

Versatile features of C2 SmartCity

The front page of the solution is a user-specific main view that consists of widgets. Users can customize their own view, which provides the user with interesting information easily and quickly. Small programs display e.g. field device status information, sensor measurement data, lighting operating hours and energy consumption.

Map-based user interface
The management of field devices is an entity based on a map base, which the user can choose to display on the Open street map and Google Maps map bases.

User management
Versatile and easy-to-use management of users makes it possible to retrieve the contact information of users directly from the system. Administrators can easily add new user IDs, monitor the activities of other users, and lock user IDs when necessary.

Control groups
Users can create their own control groups via the map base by "lassoing". This is a desired feature, especially from a maintenance point of view, where they can create groups of devices according to maintenance routes and turn them on, e.g. with maintenance control. For other users, the feature is useful, for example, for various events (festivals, earth hour, Christmas lights, etc.), when you can select the centers from the map and control them according to the events' own schedules and needs.

Comments compiled
This page provides a summary of all the comments recorded under the customer. It allows you to easily monitor what, for example, C2, maintenance contractors and other actors have commented on the system and manage the status of the comments (unread/read).


The reporting view enables the creation and display of graphic burning time and energy consumption reports on the user's main view. The reports are easy-to-read and informative graphics. You can choose a reporting period on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The reports can be printed in excel format or sent by e-mail as an attachment. In the future, reports can be automated at a time interval defined by the user, in which case they will be automatically sent to e-mail.

The documentation view enables the client to share and manage files based on the cloud. The user can add files (*.doc, *.jpg, *.pdf, etc.) to the system's customer-specific cloud service, in which case the added plans, instructions, etc. The documents are available to all users under the customership.

Dynamic control
The system also has a dynamic control feature, so the lighting can be controlled using external sensor data (weather station, traffic counters, etc.).

Effective utilization of data is a key principle in our operations. We have developed integrations that enable real-time data collection from many different sources and its utilization in lighting control and infrastructure management. The integrations cover a wide range of different uses, e.g. documentation solutions, reservation systems and weather monitoring.

Mobile interface
Enables extensive management and monitoring of field devices, as well as map-based positioning of the user, making it easy to see the control devices closest to the user in the terrain.

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