C2 SmartYard

Proper lighting will help secure the property and create an atmosphere as well as increase living comfort. Pleasant lighting also increases the value of the property and creates sense of security.

C2 SmartYard is a wireless solution for yard lighting control. It is easy to install and quick to set up. In renovation projects, it can be installed directly to replace the old lighting, and in new projects, C2 SmartYard lighting operates either independently or as part of other control systems.

C2 SmartYard luminaires

We follow general standards and our solutions control luminaires that work the same way: the control method is DALI-2 (DiiA) and when using an external controller, the connection is in accordance with Zhaga Book 18.

C2 Ensto Tori

C2 Ensto Opera

C2 Ensto Camillo

C2 Vizulo Luscinia

Ledisol Aino

C2 Ledisol Aino

C2 Greenled Vega

C2 Greenled Polaris

C2 Greenled Gamma

C2 SmartYard solution

C2 SmartYard central unit C2 2614151

C2 SmartYard motion sensor
Wall mounting: C2 2614146
Pole installation: C2 2614152

C2 SmartLight twilight switch C2 2614143

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