Rovaniemi parish

Rovaniemen srk
Rovaniemi Parish has been a customer of C2 SmartLight since 2019. At that time, the lighting of the IV cemetery was renewed as an intelligent lighting. The investment was acquired as a turnkey service. The solution pays for itself both as a reduced electricity bill and lower maintenance costs.

The job description of Miia Ylipulli, the head of the funeral service in the Rovaniemi parish, includes being involved in many activities from supervisory tasks to the purchase of machinery. When the need arose to renovate IV cemetery lighting, C2 SmartLight mapped the total need on site and provided intelligent lighting as a service.

“Turnkey service is a good and easy purchase. Cemetery lighting is mostly old and energy-hungry and there is a lot of it. We traditionally think of a solution from the point of view of what has been done so far. That it is renewed with hard money at once and the investment comes to us as depreciation costs. Light as a service brought new thinking to procurement for itself. Through the agreement, the payment does not come to us as a stump, but in smaller parts, which can be covered with savings, ”Ylipulli says.

Ylipulli continues: “Rovaniemi parish takes ecology and environmental factors into account. People need light when they are out there and nowadays it is so dark in the fall. The reduced electricity bill shows that the investment will pay for itself in the long run.”

“The service and response time of C2 SmartLight has been good. It has been nice to see that you are taken care of and not left to cope on our own.” Ylipulli sums. The Rovaniemi parish has been so pleased with the easy solution that intelligent lighting will be acquired as a service also for other cemeteries in the future.

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