C2 SmartLight push button (C2 2614131)

The C2 SmartLight push button is an excellent solution for areas where you want to control the lighting on site. This is especially true in places where the motion sensor is not precise enough, for example due to people passing by. Playgrounds and sports fields are typical push button areas. The push button can be placed, for example, on the entrance, from where it is convenient for the user to turn on the lights when entering the area.

The C2 SmartLight push button is vandal-resistant and designed for demanding northern weather conditions. Thanks to its wirelessity, it can be easily installed in the desired location without new control cabling. Inside the push button there is an integrated C2 SmartLumo controller, which is wirelessly connected to the controllers in the luminaires.

The push button controller has ready-made default settings for lighting, so the button is ready for use immediately. If necessary, the lighting settings can be changed with the easy-to-use Lumo Manager application, which allows you to create different weekly schedules.

Technical data

Operating voltage:
24 V DC

Power consumption:
max 30 mA

Measures (H x L x D):
280 x 95 x 25mm

240 g

Network connection:
2.4 GHz ZigBee

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