C2 SmartWalk

The C2 SmartWalk is a smart light for pedestrian crossings that improves visibility for pedestrians in dark and bad weather conditions

The smart crossing light is suitable for places that need extra attention to improve visibility for pedestrians, such as children’s school routes. In addition, in areas on the outskirts of agglomerations, for example, traffic speeds are growing rapidly and guardrails may come up unexpectedly.

The pedestrian crossing light brightens either automatically by motion detectors or by push button. The brightened light attracts the attention of motorists and enables better visibility of pedestrians moving across the road.

C2 SmartWalk packages

Push button
C2 SP16109
incl. 2 luminaires, 2 sensors, instruction labels, design

Motion detect
C2 SP16110
incl. 2 luminaires, 2 sensors, design

C2 SmartAlarm programmable warning light

C2 SmartAlarm programmable warning light attracts attention and alerts of small pedestrians even day-time located, for example, in the vicinity of a kindergarten.

Flashing times can be programmed daily via the C2 SmartLight central control system. The battery allows the light to flash even day-time.

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