C2 SmartCity™ situational awareness system

C2 SmartCity

We build smart environments

We have launched a new kind of platform for managing environments and the data they generate. At the same time, information is gathered to support decision-making and planning, and people's quality of life, well-being and safety experience are improved. Our mission is to make every environment smarter.

Miksi C2 SmartCity™?

Gradual progression

The environment is not made smart overnight. With our help, it is possible to make choices leading to an intelligent whole through step-by-step development based on need. This is how we ensure sensible and cost-effective solutions.

Unique technology

Our unique C2 SmartCity platform consists of a user interface, our control system and sensors that control and generate data from various objects. In our system it is possible to import data from third-party solutions.


We are top experts in building a smarter environment. From us, you get insight, design expertise and concrete solutions tailored to you. Our service covers everything from pre-design to implementation, project management and remote management.


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