Port of Rauma

The Port of Rauma is the third largest container port in Finland and its share of containers passing through the ports on the west coast between Turku and Tornio is over 70%. The Port of Rauma has been C2 SmartLight's customer since 2015.

The lighting at the Port of Rauma has been systematically renewed to be LED-based since 2017. At the same time, lighting control has been further developed, with the C2 SmartLight control system already in use, which enables luminaire-specific control. By upgrading the lighting to LED-based, approximately 30% energy savings will be achieved in port lighting.

“In cooperation with SmartLight Oy and Satamatieto Oy, the system has been developed so that the lighting system has information on whether the ship is at a certain berth or not. When the ship is at berth, the lighting in question at the berth is as required and correspondingly again when the berth is empty, the illumination level is reduced. In this way, even more energy savings are achieved than just switching to LED luminaires. Trial use of the system will begin shortly and it will be possible to make full use of it when the dark of autumn arrives, ”said Timo Metsäkallas, Technical Director of Rauman Satama Oy, in the summer of 2020.

Lähde: Rauman Satama

Image: Port of Rauma

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