Tampere optimized the use of street lights in 2009


Tampere launched a tender to find a new service contract partner in spring 2008. The main goal was to optimize the use of street lights. - It is essential to have light when it is needed and where it is needed. When the lights are used, the aim is to achieve savings, says the operations manager of the Tampere street light network Mika Heikkilä.

Tampere control solution

Tampere wanted a partner who is responsible for the control and monitoring system for street lights on a turnkey basis.

- We chose C2 based on quality and price and signed a 10-year service agreement with them. They are responsible for the entire system and data transfer. We pay a monthly fee for the service to work.

The new system saves energy and euros

Previously, a system was used to control 38,000 street lamps in Tampere, which could only turn the whole city lights on and off. The C2 system can be used to control the on and off times for different areas. In Tampere, about two million euros a year are spent on street lighting. In 2010, the C2 system achieved savings of EUR 80,000, which corresponds to a 4% cost saving for the city.

The new system will also provide more efficient information on whether the lights have been switched on when they were intended and what the central energy consumption and lamp burn times are.
- We get more out of this system and we can adjust its operation ourselves with the help of an online user interface, Heikkilä sums up.

Tampere service agreement

Content: C2 is responsible for the entire system and owns the equipment used in the system
Goal: Optimization of use, energy and cost savings
Schedule: Surveys in autumn 2008, trial installations in spring 2009, all installed in autumn 2009.
Street light centers: 326
Luminaires: 38 000
Yearly cost: Electricity 1.4 million euros and maintenance 750,000 euros
Savings in 2010: EUR 80,000 (total energy and maintenance)

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