Lighting control

Central control solution

Centralized lighting control is best suited for managing large numbers of luminaires, enabling real-time monitoring, versatile adjustments and efficient maintenance and fault management.

Luminaire-specific control

Lede luminaires are long lasting. During the assumed 20-year lifespan, lighting needs will change as cities change. The dimming profile, which is permanently programmed in the luminaire driver, must be changed individually for each luminaire. The luminaire-specific controller has paid its purchase price when the lighting profile is adjusted for the first time during the luminaire lifetime.

Locally controlled lighting solutions

Smart local lighting solutions are easy and inexpensive to deploy because, thanks to their wirelessity, they do not require new control cabling. Our lighting solutions are suitable for both small and medium-sized areas, from industrial halls, parking areas and sports fields to the lighting of playgrounds and parks.


The C2 SmartLight software controls the lighting as a group or with the accuracy of a single luminaire, either remotely or on site.

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