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C2 SmartLight

Light + Building 2018 Frankfurt

C2 SmartLight will be attending to Light + Building messe in Frankfurt March 19.-21.2018

If you would like to schedule a meeting with us, please fill in this form and we will be in touch. We are specially interested in potential resellers of our solutions.







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C2 SmartLight appoints Jorma Tuuna-Väiskä as CEO

Jorma Tuuna-Väiskä has been appointed as the CEO of C2 SmartLight starting from September 1st 2016. Tuuna-Väiskä is also the head of Product Business Unit. Former CEO Petri Laitinen wll continue being the head of sales and marketing as a Vice President of the company.

Balance Consulting grants Achiever status to C2 SmartLight

Balance Consulting, the analysis unit of Kauppalehti Oy, has granted Achiever status to C2 SmartLight Oy for its financial performance. Companies receiving
Achiever certification are stable businesses with solid growth, good financial results and profitability, a strong financial structure and liquidity to ensure continued operation.

A comparison of these key indicators has put this company in the top tier of its own industry and the entire country. The Achiever 2015 rankings are based on the financial years ended between June 2014 and May 2015.


C2 SmartLight at Bright Baana on September 24–27th

The year 2015 was nominated by the UN as the international Year of Light. The Year of Light highlights the  benefits to humanity offered by the fields of science that utilize light and their applications. The purpose of the event is to gather experiences on the use of new, energy-efficient lighting solutions and their effect on the sense of comfort and safety.

C2 SmartLight Lighting Control Solution is used in controlling the lighting in the pedestrian pathway tunnel in Arkadiankatu street, and in the pedestrian pathway from Mannerheimintie street to Arkadaiankatu street. The lighting adjusts itself according to the amount of traffic in the pathway.

Baana, completed in 2012, opened up a cycling and pedestrian route from the West Harbour to the city centre, when the railway traffic was stopped on the old port tracks, built a hundred years earlier. In some places, Baana is a dramatic canyon, lined by steep cliff walls, and in other places it is a lively “living room” for the youth or a park-like embankment. The pedestrian and cycling corridor, which was built into a former railway canyon, was awarded as a commercial-free public space in the European Prize for Urban Public Space competition in 2014, from among nearly 200 European cities.

Bright Baana is open to all public. Welcome to see the world of smart lighting!

More information at www.valoisabaana.fi

C2 SmartLight replaces PLC technology with radio connection

Since June 1st, 2015 C2 SmartLight LuconT controllers and LuconC base station no longer support the PLC  (Power Line Communication) technology.

C2 SmartLight delivered the first luminary control system using PCL four years ago. Regardless of the ongoing product development, the PLC did not provide the level required for luminaire specific controlling. The problems have arisen with grid redundancy and different kinds of disturbances in the network.

The data transfer rate of PLC is too slow for controlling and managing LED street lights. Additionally, the current sensor systems (luminance measurement, motion sensors, and e.g. smart push-button control) cannot be dependent on power line cables, thus all C2 SmartLight sensors are wireless.

All C2 SmartLight controllers, such as Lucont and SmartLumo, and LuconC base station operate via fast and wireless radio connection (256 Kbit/s, ZigBee protocol).

C2 SmartLight solution is presented at Vantaa Housing Fair

valon ohjaus

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On June 10th, with the opening of Vantaa Housing Fair, C2 SmartLight presents a new method to control lighting by a wireless push-button. A motion sensor is not an effective solution for playgrounds and sport areas, where people passing by may trigger the lighting at a time when it is not needed. The wireless push-button for switching the lighting on was designed in a close collaboration with our customers. Now everyone can switch the lights on on a playground – and only when the lighting is needed– without additional costs in maintenance, cabling or data communication.

The lighting solution can be tested at the Vantaa Housing Fair in Kvartsijuonenpuisto playground. There is a push-button at the entrance of the playground, and when pressed, the dimmed LED luminaires bright up. The LED luminaires are integrated with wireless C2 SmartLumo controllers, which allow users to setup effective schedules and monitor individual luminaires.

During the period of Housing Fair, the lighting is set to 10% of the luminaires’ power. By pressing the push-button, the lighting increases to full power for 1 minute, after which the luminaires are dimmed to 30% of power for 30 seconds. The luminaires return to pre-defined 10% as a default. Every visitor has a possibility to test the lighting control.

Results of customer satisfaction survey for C2 technical support

C2 SmartLight carried out a customer satisfaction survey in order to determine the quality of technical support provided and received customers’ suggestions for further development of service.

The respondents were asked to rate the provided service on a scale of 1 to 6 (1 = poor / 6 = excellent), in addition to which it was possible to give a written free-form feedback. We got a lot of answers with an overall score of 4.91, which means that customers are pleased with the performance of technical support. In addition, we received good comments and suggestions related to the development of C2 SmartLight service.

Thank you for your responses!

C2 SmartLight – Exhibitor at the Middle East Smart Lighting & Energy Summit 2014

This year we would like to invite You to visit Middle East Smart Lighting & Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. During two days of the Summit, we will present our the latest control solutions. Petri Laitinen, general manager, will present C2 SmartLumo smart controller for LED technology.

You may request a meeting with general manager via company(at)c2smartlight.com

Date & Venue

24 & 25 November 2014

Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi, UAE

Residential area of Jyväskylä is illuminated according to different needs without switching off street lights

Asuntomessu Jyväskylä LED

Total luminaire specific control was deployed at Aijalanranta, residential area of Jyväskylässä.  In September over 1 000 inhabitants will settle in the new city area.

All lights of streets and pedestrian bridge, parks and playgrounds are controlled individually according to the needs. Nowadays city obtained 57% of energy savings from utilization  of smart control system in comparison with conventional methods of lighting control. Energy efficiency is reached by deploying LED luminaires, which provide lighting according to the needed lighting output at specific time and at specific place respectively. Street lighting of residential area is provided by 87W LED luminaires, which are equipped with  C2 SmartLight controller  which adjust output light power according to the application area. The lighting maintenance of the area became easier and maintenance costs decreased. In practice, maintenance organization does not need to think what type of luminaire should be installed here 40W, 60W or 80W luminaire. They change luminaires to luminaire of the same power and then it is automatically dimmed by control solution according to the required light output of this area.

C2 SmartLight deliveres lighting control system for city of Kouvola

During 2014 C2 smartLight solution will be integrated into 360 streetlight cabinet and there will be deployed about 400 of Pocket-size contol centres, in order to obtain specifc control of small streets. Optionally city of Kouvolla may get control solution for additional 60 streetlight cabinets and individual controllers for LED luminaires according to the delivery agreement.  The service contract for support of licensed management system was signed for 12 years.

The purchase dicision of city of Kouvola was based on both price and quality comparison. The examination by Kouvola city concluded that C2 SmartLight control solution is the most verstila and advanced control solution for outdoor lighting. C2 SmartLight earned 15% more quality points than other participants of the competition for future streetlight control system.

Light in the City seminar

C2 SmartLight presented intelligent control solution for outdoor lighting at a Jyväskylä-led seminar on urban lighting held from 17.-19.10.2013 in Belgian city of Hasselt. The event is a joint project “Light in the City” of four European cities.

Our expert, Janne  Korhonen, shared best practices and experience of energy saving lighting management to 150 participants from 12 different countries. The seminar featured examples of environmentally friendly urban lighting discussing Jyväskylä’s  outdoor lighting project.

The event was followed by city’s light festival with spectacular illuminaiton programme. The next city to host “Light in the City” event and seminar is Estonian city of Tartu.

C2 SmartLight in Hasselt

Light in the City event targeted at efficient outdoor lighting control.

New Product Catalogue 2013

The new product catalogue can be downloaded here: C2 SmartLight Ltd Product Catalogue 2013

In the catalogue you can find all necessary information about the innovative solutions in the field of outdoor lighting control. Additionally, description of our implemented projects can be found in the catalogue.

For further questions:

Sales: +358 20 741 6051


Successful participation in Middle East Electricity 2013, Dubai

C2 SmartLight Ltd.  presented intelligent control solution for outdoor lighting and new features available for our customers during exhibition for GCC Countries. Our target was to bring attention of potential partners and customers to innovative products and solutions developed by experts of C2 SmartLight Ltd. During tree days of exhibition we have met approximately 110 companies from 10 different Middle-East countries, interested in cooperation with C2. C2 SmartLight Ltd. is looking forward for further collaboration.

C2 SmartLight Ltd. would like to express gratitude to all the customers and partners visited our stand at the exhibition!

Helsinki implements C2 SmartLight® Intelligent Control Solution

Helsinki Energy company has chosen ISS Service Ltd. as a provider of control solution for outdoor lighting among several European providers. ISS Service Ltd. provides equipment of C2 SmartLight Ltd. for this project. Helsinki Energy company has signed a contract for 15 years with ISS Service Ltd. The project involves implementation of approximately 1850 pcs C2 control units in street lighting cabinets and 10 000 pcs luminaire specific controllers during the project time. According to the Service contract ISS Service Ltd. provides support and maintenance services (24/7) of Intelligent Control Solution for Helsinki Energy company. The project implementation will start in spring 2013 in Lauttasaari and it will be completed in 2014.

C2 SmartLight Ltd. is a Finnish technology company, which specializes in Intelligent Control Solutions for outdoor lighting.  C2 SmartLight® Control Solution is utilized to manage approximately 130 000 luminaires in Helsinki and Vantaa.

C2 SmartLight® control solution for Helsinki
C2 Control Units 1600 – 1850 pcs
Luminaire Specific Controllers 10000 pcs
Service Contract 2013 -2028, 15 years
Service Provider ISS Service Ltd.

For more information:

Mauri Haapasaari


Tel. +358 405488902


Rauma implements C2 SmartLight® control solution for outdoor lighting

City of Rauma chose C2 SmartLight Ltd. as a supplier of intelligent control solution for outdoor lighting. The provided control solution is a “turn-key” project. The installation project, which involves implementation of 165 control units in 18 new street lighting cabinets, will begin in May and it will be completed in September 2013. The service contract is signed by city of Rauma and C2 SmartLight Ltd. The services include software for online control of lighting infrastructure, data communication and information systems. The service contract is conducted for five years and after that it is valid for indefinite period.

C2 SmartLight® control solution for Rauma
C2 Units 165 pcs
Cabinets 18 pcs
Service contract 2013-2018 + indefinitely
Service provider C2 SmartLight  Ltd.

C2 SmartLight Ltd. is a Finnish technology company, which specializes in Intelligent Control Solutions for outdoor lighting.  C2 SmartLight® system is the most common control solution used by Finnish cities.

For more information:

Mauri Haapasaari


Tel. +358 405488902


Established partnership with SWARCO ITS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The partnership agreement was signed between C2SmartLight Ltd and SWARCO ITS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. According to the agreement the street light control solution will be delivered to the customers via new dealership network in Eastern China. The aim of SWARCO is to offer Traffic Management and Streetlight management control solutions as “one stop shop”.  More information about products and services of SWARCO can be found from the company webpage

Performance of LED-luminaires in Jyväskylä

The “dancing” performance of the luminaires was designed in the city center of Jyväskylä in order to present the functional possiblities of LED luminaires. The benefits of their implementation was enhanced by addition of luminaire specific controller designed by C2SmartLight Oy.

The device was designed to enable the efficient control over luminaires by introducing such functions as wireless communication, energy consumption measurement and dimming. The luminaire specific controller is installed inside the pole of each luminaire and can be easily accessed by opening the service door of the pole. The control parameters are set via wireless network to each luminaire specific controller from control center.

The presented LED luminaires with total output of 122W were dimmed according to smart energy saving mode. For example, the pedestrian crossings are lighted with the output of 74W, while the areas between them are lighted with output of 61W. Despite the difference, the comfortable level of luminance is maintained for citizens.

Onninen and SLO are selling C2 control units

C2 SmartLight Oy has signed a supplier agreement with Onninen and SLO Oy, which provid materials services. Control units with alternative modules can be ordered directly from them. Both wholesale organisations operate in Europe and Russia. For product descriptions and electrical codes, refer to the Products page.

C2 SmartLight controls over ½ million streetlamps

Altogether C2 SmartLight controls now over ½ million luminaires in Finland! During this year 2012 C2 SmartLight streetlight control solution has been taken in use in following cities and municipalities: Seinajoki, Kiiminki, Asikkala, Oulu, Lapua, Oulunsalo, Vantaa, Raisio, Kuhmo, Turku, Savonlinna and Kannus.  We want to thank you all and wish our new customers welcome to use intelligent control solution.